Vampire Bikers in North Carolina
I had only planned to spend a few days hugging some corners in western North Carolina recently when I found myself totally out ridden by a group of female motorcyclists from Seattle. It seems the gang was not as they appeared. They wore patches on the backs of their dirty leather jackets that said they were Vampires, and the quickness they showed on those twisty roads had me believing they were the real thing.
This all began after a night of camping at High Country Motorcycle Camp, located deep within the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I woke up early to flip through some curves on what I hoped would be a deserted Blue Ridge Parkway. My 2007 Suzuki Boulevard is a poor curve carver, however it does stand up on the straight-aways.
After blitzing along one particular straightaway at nearly 100 miles an hour, I began braking for a sharp curve just in front of me on the right. Before the 600 pounds of Japanese metal between my legs dropped to 60 mph, I found myself surrounded by six vintage red Kawasaki GPZ's. These are the super bikes from the 1980s that most riders have only heard rumors of. Their riders had long black greasy hair streaming backwards from under their helmets. I was just able to make out the vampire face on the back of their leather jackets before they slipped past me and out of sight.

Red GPZ 
Surprised by their quickness, I pulled back on the throttle of my big Suzuki, nearly crashing as I came out of the turn. I was just able to catch up with the group in the next straightaway. Making eye contact with the group’s leader, a wink was enough to interest them in some conversation.
They told me their club travels to this remote area of the Smokey Mountains several times a year. The ride is used to initiate new members to the club and practice their riding skills. The leader invited me to join them in a future campout.
After the brief encounter, the girls quickly slipped back into their black helmets and leathers, mounted their vintage GPZ's and disappeared into the distance. Stupidly, I forget to get any contact information and a search of the Seattle area came up with nothing.

Even today I continue my search in this remote and gothic area of North Carolina, looking for their camp site, with the brief hope I will get just one more glimpse of those beautiful red GPZ Kawasaki’s. Let me know if you can help!
A few days later a group of Outlaw Bikers were reportedly having their annual club party near Boone North Carolina. The next morning an animal was found near their clubhouse. Witnesses reported the animal weighed over 200 pounds, had curled fangs extending over its lips, looked like a cross between a large rat like rodent and a wolf and had very human like eyes.

Suzuki Boulevard C50
Residents of Boone have reported seeing a similar beast over the last few years. They said the animal would emit monstrous cries throughout the night. Along with the strange howls, the beast displayed eyes that glowed in the dark. The animal was blamed for attacking and killing numerous pets and for the disappearance of several residents from nearby homes over that same time period. One police official indicated it may have been some sort of rare wolf-dog hybrid. Tissue samples from the creature have been collected and sent the University of North Carolina for genetic tests that will attempt to determine the origin of the weird creature.
This part of the world has become very strange over the last few years......zbiker
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