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Have you ever visited the great Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held every August in Sturgis, South Dakota? If not, relax, grab a comfortable chair and take this quick virtual tour of the great rally and surrounding area from the comfort of your home and see what goes on at Sturgis.
If you have already made the trip, grab a beer, enjoy and reminisce. For those who are unfamiliar with motorcycle rallies, this is your chance to see the largest motorcycle rally in the world, up close and personal without riding your motorcycle over hundreds or even thousands of miles, as many bikers must do, to enjoy this beautiful and historical area.
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The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was started on August 14, 1938 by the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. The Club still owns and operates the tracks, hill climb, and field areas of the rally.
That first rally lasted two days and was centered on racing and stunts. The rally founder is generally considered to be Clarence "Pappy" Hoel. Hoel is still honored by the crowd at Sturgis. The main focus of the Sturgis motorcycle rally in its early years was racing and stunts. This included half mile track racing, board wall crashes that were intentional, ramp jumps and head on collisions with automobiles.
The Sturgis Rally has been held every year, with the exception of World War II. After World War II, many Outlaw Biker Gangs like the Hells Angels, Outlaws, Pagans and Bandidos came to Sturgis to party and drink. Girls began taking their clothes off in public and many fights resulted. In recent years local police have begun cracking down on public nudity and drunkenness and most of those activities have moved to private campgrounds like Buffalo Chips and Glencoe.
Today however, visitors can still see girls lifting their shirts to expose their breasts or walking along the streets wearing skimpy outfits that expose their private body parts when the police are looking the other way.
Violence is sporadic but occured as recently as 2006 when Police officials said two men affiliated with the Hells Angels shot and wounded five Outlaws Motorcycle Club members at Custer State Park, only 75 miles from Sturgis while the rally was happening.
The aging of the baby boomers has brought a new interest in motorcycling and with it a new group of enthusiasts interested in the old rallies. This has led to a huge increase of visitors to the Rally who trying to recapture the excitement of the old motorcycle rallies. Attendance at Sturgis was estimated at over 6000,000 in 2004
In 1938, Clarence “Pappy” Hoel buys an Indian Motorcycle Franchise in Sturgis; SD. Hoel organizes the first Sturgis Rally and race on August 14th of that year. It was advertised as the Black Hills Classic and only 9 racers showed up with a small audience to watch.
In 1949 Main Street is blocked for the first time during the rally for a 2 hour awards ceremony.
In 1961 the Hill Climb and Motocross races are run for the first time.
In 1964 one block of Main Street is officially closed for motorcycle parking over the course of the 3 day event.
In 1965 The Sturgis Rally becomes a 5 day event.
The first temporary vendor set up in the Sturgis Auditorium in 1974.
The Rally extends to a 7 day event in 1975. The City of Sturgis begins officially licensing vendors. Only 9 vendors were issued permits that year..
In 1988, 117 vendors are licensed in the City of Sturgis for the Rally.
In 1989, Sturgis Rally Founder, Pappy Hoel dies at the age of 85.
Vintage Sturgis Rally Pictures
Main Street at Sturgis Rally around 1950
Bikers riding through Custer
State Park about 1950
Main Street during Sturgis Rally, 1970
Main Street late 1970's
Downtown Sturgis : 1970's
View of racing Action about 1970 at the Sturgis
Race Track. Check out the old Yamaha XS 650.
Main Street 1982. Check the Vetter Fairings.
Motorcycles in Deadwood about 1980. Check out the old Honda Goldwing with Vetter Fairing and bags
Main Street in Sturgis 2006. Check out the famous Buddha Statue

Major spectator sport in Sturgis; Posing on Main Street
Bikers walking through downtown Sturgis, half naked
shopping for t-shirts and other souvenirs to take back home.
Spectators looking at half naked girls walking along
Main Street during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
Nearly naked woman on sidewalk welcoming
bikers to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Its a tradition,
"what happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis."
Bikers hanging out downtown at Sturgis Rally

Biker girl flashing her breasts at visitors
during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Rally Girls hanging out at a vender site in Sturgis

Woman riding topless on the back
of a Harley-Davidson at Sturgis

Woman walking around town topless
at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.......
Sturgis Bike Week appears more like a nude bike rally at some campgrounds. This couple attended the 2006 Rally
Buffalo Chips Campground
The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground next to the race track in Sturgis. Some of the things that happen here at night can only be whispered about!

Bikers waiting for some action to begin
at the famous Buffalo Chips Campground
Close up view of Buffalo Chips Stage area

Girls taking their clothes off
at Buffalo Chips Campground

Almost Nude Woman entertaining
Bikers at Buffalo Chip Campground
Places to Ride Your Motorcycle
when Visiting the Sturgis Area

Motorcycles gathered at Devils Tower

Motorcycles parked near Mount Rushmore

Close up of Mount Rushmore

Bikers stop to view a herd of Buffalo
along roadway during the Sturgis Rally

Motorcyclist inspecting Buffalo upclose on
his motorcycle in Custer State Park........

Motorcycles cruising toward the Black Hills

Motorcycles riding deep into the Black
Hills, a sacred site for native americans.

Motorcycles cruising through Deadwood

Topless Female Biker Walking around
Deadwood Seeking Directions..

Crazyhorse Monument
Closeup look of the Crazy Horse Monument
Bikers at Needles Eye Tunnel in Custer State Park

Motorcycle gang riding their bikes
through Badlands National Park

Lone Motorcycle rider in Badlands

Female Biker enjoying her motorcycle
ride into the Badlands near Sturgis, NC

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Girls of Sturgis.............................
Sturgis Bikini Contest 2009 ........
Sturgis 2006................................
Sunday Morning in Sturgis..........
Sturgis and Glencoe after dark......
Cruising on Main Street................
Sturgis Main Street 2008...............
Buffalo Chips Campground............
Glenco Capmground.....................
Nightly Mayhem on Pervert Road
Entertainment at Buffalo Chip......

Tour of Main Street 2008............
Crazy Horse Monument up Close.

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