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Outer Banks Bike Week 2008
The first day of Outer Banks Bike Week on Thursday, April 24, 2008 witnessed hundreds of motorcycles cruising onto the Outer Banks. Riding mostly Harley Davidson motorcycles. Bikers quickly sought out the prime locations for entertainment at this year’s Bike Week. Vertigo Tattoo in Manns Harbor quickly became the top party spot when word spread they were offering free beer to every biker that showed up. In addition, a live band played almost constantly and a “Wall of Death,” was set up featuring a motorcycle stunt show, just to keep the bikers entertained.
Kitty Hawk Harley Davidson and Nags Head Harley Davidson were the other prime magnets for bikers the first day. As evening approached, Hooter’s in Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks Brewing Station and Port O Call, both in Kill Devil Hills became the hot night spots on the beach to drink, look at bikes and party. There were no reports of accidents or injuries on the first day.
Two serious accidents were reported over the weekend however. A female motorcyclist lost control of her motorcycle in the Corolla area while riding in a pack and had to be flown to a hospital. Another accident occurred near the Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills borderline on Saturday evening. In that wreck, a Harley Davidson motorcycle collided with a car. I have no report of injuries from that accident. Many merchants, vendors and residents complained that attendance was down quite a bit this year as compared to last year. That may be the result of one less group of bikers rallying on the Outer Banks this year. Last year, the Harley Owners Group (HOG), scheduled their rally on the Outer Banks during Bike Week festivities.

Bikers Looking for a Party at Nags Head Harley Davidson

Bikers from Shoreline Baptist Church in South Port, North Carolina. On the
right is Jack Hughens, 81 who rode his Honda Goldwing to OBX Bike Week


What do you do when you do not have a permit to sell beer.
Vertigo Tattoo was offering free beer to any biker who showed up.

Biker resting in the shade and checking out bikes at Vertigo Tattoo

New Bikers were arriving all day long

Famous Wall of Death at Vertigo Tatoo provided exciting entertainment

Lots of custom Bikes were on display at Vertigo's this year

The author's old BMW turned a few heads at Vertigo's

The Parking lot at Vertigo's was a sea of Harley
Davidson Motorcycles early Thursday afternoon

Found this biker at Hooters in Kitty Hawk. He trailered his custom motorcycle from
New Jersey. His goal for Bike Week is to ride it to every bar on the Outer Banks
FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2008
Monica and Rick were selling motorcycle accessories on the Beach Rd. They are from New Jersey. Monica says Bike Week is a little slower than last year but believes business will pick up over the weekend.
Historic site of the Wright Brothers First Powered
Flight in present day Kill Devil Hills..........................

Riding south on famous Route 12

Kitty Hawk Harley Davidson Shop Area

Kitty Hawk Harkley Davidson Flea Market
Above, Michael Lewis, Operations Director of the Outer Banks Hotline and Hotline board member Kym Rock, owner of AAtlantic Martial Arts, demonstrate that they are Up in Arms Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the theme of Outer Banks Hotline's 1st Annual Biker Weekend Arm Wrestling Tournament. Arm wrestling organiser Ray Berry officiates. The event, held in front of Kym's dojo at Surf Side Plaza, drew an enthusiastic group of arm wrestlers, bikers and spectators on Saturday, April 26. Organizer and local arm wrestling champion, Ray Berry, has begun the process to make the annual event a sanctioned match to draw an even larger crowd of contenders in 2009. Sponsors and supporters for the first year of Up in Arms Against Domestic and Sexual Violence were All Kinds of Signs, LeBleu, Charles Hardy, Clockman's Sign and Print Shop, Gallop Funeral Services, Inc, Art Metal and Plastic, AAtlantic Martial Arts, Manteo Middle School and Ray Berry. Photo provided by Hotline
Left, Phill and Norma Vid rode to the Outer Banks from Smyra Delaware. Denise Haber and her husband Dave, missing from the photo rode down from Virginia Beach.

L-R Phill and Norma Vid, Denise and Dave Haber

Wild Bill

Lee and Tricia rode up from Tampa Florida. Only problem,
they didn't arrive until Sunday, after everyone else had left.

Only a few popular watering holes had motorcycles
parked in their lots on this chilly overcast final day

Last Biker Out, FAREWELL
The 2007 Outer Banks Bike Week was the largest motorcycle event ever held on the Outer Banks and sponsors expect it to get bigger and better every year.The 2007 Outer Banks Bike Week was the largest motorcycle event ever held on the Outer Banks and sponsors expect it to get bigger and better every year. Kitty Hawk Harley-Davidson was the sponsor of Outer Banks Bike Week and many of the rally events occurred on the shop grounds, including live bands, a bikini contest, free Harley-Davidson demo rides and rentals and vendors selling motorcycle apparrel and accessories. Simultaneous with OBX Bike Week, the yearly rally for the North Carolina state chapter of the Harley-Davidson Owners Group (HOG) was held nearby at Soundside Park in Harbinger. The Soundside Park location featured live bands, a pig-picking, field events and a drawing for a Harley-Davidson Sportster, provided by the Harley Owners Group (HOG).
Bikers began rolling in Monday morning, April 23rd, for the OBX Bike Week Celebration. By Wednesday night, the day before the official start of the four day event, the salt air of the Outer Banks vibrated with the rumble of Harley Davidson’s famous straight pipes. Hooters and other well known watering holes began filling up with motorcyclists and locals coming out to see the display of dress hogs, choppers, big dogs, and fat boys, over 90 percent pure Harley-Davidson.

Forecasters predicted sunny skies and warm temps for the event, enticing thousands of additional bikers to the Outer Banks. Record warmth over much of the country prompted some bikers to forsake their leather jackets and full chaps for lighter summer wear. The Outer Banks is well known for its temperamental winds, and the abrupt change from a southerly breeze to a northeast wind Thursday night ended the summer fantasy. Many vendors welcomed the brisk business brought in by a change in the wind, as did local restaurants. As fog drifted across the Beach Road, forecasters continued to predict warm, sunny days for the remainder of the event and eventually they were right. Sunday, the last day of the event, was the warmest of the week and many bikers stayed to enjoy a sunny cruise down the Beach Road and the farewell party at Dirty Dick’s Crab House.

Other locations with biker activities included Vertigos Tattoo in Manns Harbor and Walnut Island Resort in Grandy. Dirty Dick’s Crab House, Outer Banks Brewing Station, Port-O-Call, Slamming Sammy’s, Hooters and many other restaurants hosted live bands and events throughout the four days. Saturday morning featured a police escort parade to the Wright Brothers Memorial and a Lighthouse Poker Run. The ride started out hot and sunny but as the riders approached the monument, a black cloud descended, bringing chilly winds and fog back to the area. Most riders completed the poker run and by late afternoon the fog blew out just in time for the pig picking and bike giveaway at Soundside Park.

Five years ago Outer Banks Bike Week began its life as a little noticed affair by drawing only a few hundred motorcycle enthusiasts. This year's rally, after five years of record growth, drew about 10,000 riders. Included were a record number of female bikers. Visitors brought or rode an awesome display of race bikes, novelty bikes, custom, Japanese and European motorcycles, however the overwhelming majority were Harley-Davidsons. Bikers used the Beach Road as a great place to profile their rolling art works as locals lined the 20 mile roadway to watch them cruise by. The Rally brought a lasting impression to the remote Outer Banks area and proved to be an economic treasure to local businesses.
On a sadder note, there were at least two motorcycle accidents with one fatality. The fatality occurred when a female passenger fell off a motorcycle near Columbia, North Carolina and was run over by another biker. A female biker was reported to have fallen off her motorcycle in Kitty Hawk after she had failed to secure her helmet tightly and the wind jerked her head backwards causing her to lose control of her motorcycle.
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