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Motorcycle Stories, Videos & Pictures from
the Mysterious Outer Banks of North Carolina......
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Past Motorcycle Ride Reports

An Amazing Journey by Motorcycle to Alaska;
Last Ride of the Honda Shadow
by Former
Outer Banks Resident and Adventurer Tom Serine

It was during the summer of 2011 that I was thinking of taking the Shadow on a final big run for 2012. At first, I wanted to take it back to Deadhorse, Alaska like I did in 2008. The basic premise being I wanted to see if the bike would make it again, despite having twice the milage on it. But people that knew about my last Alaska trip were asking why I was going to the same place. Then I remembered in 2009 on the ferry to Newfoundland, a guy asked me if I was planning on taking a ride through the Translab.
At the time, I didn’t even know what the Translab was. I discovered the Translab was short for the Trans-Labrador Highway. It’s a mostly gravel highway that goes from Blanc Sablon, Quebec; through Labrador, Nova Scotia; and ends in Baie-Comeau, Quebec. The total distance is over a 1000 miles. A plan was coming together. I did a quick calculation of the miles going to Newfoundland, taking the Translab; heading northwest to Alaska; and coming back to North Carolina; the total milage was approximately 15,000. It would take over 30 days of travel. It was time to ask for a vacation. Continued
The nearly naked girls in the OBX Bike Rally 2012 Bikini Contest at Vertigo's Tattoo Motorcycle Rally complained little about the chilly temperatures as the enthusiastic crowd cheered all 3 contestants through the contest and showered them with praise. The pretty and almost naked girls took home gifts and shared the $700 in prize monies. Crystal Cook garnered first place & $400 for being the rally's favorite girl in a bikini.
Outer Banks Bike Week 2013 Set to Run from
Saturday, April 20 through Sunday, April 28.
9 Days of Non-Stop Entertainment & Riding
Outer Banks Bike Rally in Manns Harbor, Hosted by Vertigo
Tattoo to Run Concurrently with the 11 Annual
Outer Banks Bike Rally.......................................................
Hurricane Sandy Leaves Massive Destruction to Outer
Banks Roadways; See Raw FACEBOOK Picture Gallery
Route 12 on Hatteras Island see more pictures
Letter to Editor: Firing of 2012 Harley Owners Group
(HOG) Rally Committee
Past Director & Wife, OBX Chapter
Treasurer .......................... Submitted by Clayton Baker
I would like to start out by Thanking all that Supported Clayton & Jody Baker after their unfair Firing from Outer Banks HOG Chapter and pulling the Rally right out from under their feet as Rally Coordinator and Rally Registration Coordinator along with removing the balance of the committee by the Owner Maurice Slaughter. Clayton and Jody along with the Rally Committee where planning the 2012 HOG Rally around it Members NOT the Harley Dealership as directed by the National HOG Rally Guide Lines. Again Mr. Slaughter felt like Clayton and Jody was not supporting his dealership when in fact for the past 7 years Clayton and Jody have done nothing but good for the HOG Chapter and the Kitty Hawk / Outer Banks Harley Dealership. He pull the Rally from them so he could control it’s location (to benefit him) and to incorporate it with his activities around the dealership not remembering the National HOG Rally guide lines (Hog Rallies are for HOG Members and there guest and in no way be controlled by any Harley Dealership ONLY By the Rally Committee and the HOG Regional Manager). His greediness has over powered him so much he could care less about you as a person, customer or HOG Member. All he things about is making a dollar, don’t get me wrong all businesses must make money to survive, but the way to go about it has to be in a civil way caring about your customers. Clayton and Jody and there good friends from the 2012 rally committee have moved on with their heads up high proud of them self’s and what they have done for all there friends and fellow HOG Members. I guess in short I would say I would think hard before I would walk in a Harley Dealership with an owner that has such a poor attitude and spend your hard earned money. God Bless all our good friends and again Thank You for your support!!!

Clayton Baker

Ride Hard, Love Life & God Bless!

Hard Core Motorcycle Gangs Suspected to be Part of
Local Gang-Related Activities on the Outer Banks...
According to a report in the Outer Banks Voice, two gang fights have occurred on the Outer Banks in recent weeks. One of the fights, termed huge was confirmed to have occurred at the 7-Eleven in Kill Devil Hills and a second suspected gang fight was reported at a popular nightspot in Kitty Hawk.
Outer Bank's gangs were identified as hard core motorcycle gangs, organized Russian crime style gangs, white supremacist groups and groups like the “Bloods” and “Crips.”
The gangs are reportedly financed by the sale of illegal drugs that bring premium prices in Dare County. The Outer Banks Voice uses the example of a gram of cocaine to demonstrate the gang's profit margins. A gram of cocaine that sells for $1,960 in Elizabeth City brings $3,080 in Dare County, providing local gangs with an extra premium of $1000 to help finance their activities. source Outer Banks Voice
40,000 Motorcyclists Reported to Have Visited
Outer Banks During Outer Banks Bike Week...
Pictures & Videos from Outer Banks Bike Week 2012

Outer Banks Bike Rally 2012 Bikini Contest
Crystal Cook was the crowds favorite and took home $400 in the Outer banks Bike Rally 2012 Bikini contest held at Vertigo Tattoo's 2012 Outer Banks Bike Rally. The nearly naked girls in this year's bikini contest at Vertigo's Tattoo Motorcycle Rally Complained little about the chilly temperatures as all 3 contestants brought home gifts and sharing $700 in total prize monies.
Pictures from Outer Banks Bike Week 2012
True Stories: Manteo High School Graduate
Tom Serine Chronicles His Motorcycle Journey
to Yellowstone & Mt. Rushmore in 2011...
Submitted by Tom Serine
For my 2011 trip, I decided to see Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. In 2006, I had taken a trip to Mount Rushmore not realizing a good friend lived only 30 minutes south of the monument in the town of Oral, SD. I decided make a return trip to Oral, see Mount Rushmore and tour the area for the weekend then head into Yellowstone for a few days. From the research I did on Yellowstone, camping was on a first come first serve basis and even if I could make a reservation, my tent and other property would be out in the open when I wasn’t there. Although I enjoy camping, I knew I would be in Yellowstone for a several days so I decided to reserve a cabin. I could just keep the extra stuff I packed there and I could tour the area freely knowing I had a place to come back to instead of trying to find a place to camp. I left on the morning of August 17th. The following is an account of what I did. to story
Pictures of Outer Banks Bikeweek 2011

Hondog Comes to Outer Banks Bikeweek 2011..See Up Close (Video)
Observers & Vendors Report Low Turnout for 2011
OBX Bike Week Compared to Previous Years......
Classic 1982 Suzuki GS 750 T2 Uncovered on Outer Banks

Anthony Bartolla of Point Harbor was recently spotted in the Kitty Hawk Walmart
Parking Lot with this beautiful unrestored 1982 Suzuki GS 750 T2....................
The 9th Annual Outer Banks Bike Week
is Over. Check Out the Pictures.............
North Carolina to Hawaii on Motorcycle
by Tom Serine
Outer Banks October Bike Festival 2010 Recap
Outer Banks October Bike Festival, spanning the weekend of October 1-3, appeared lightly attended for 2010. The prime biker spots for this festival were the usual suspects, Outer Banks Harley-Davidson, Hooters in Kitty Hawk, Nags Head Harley-Davidson and Vertigo’s Tattoo in Manns Harbor. Neither location was filled to capacity but the bikers that did show up for this year's festival were enjoying the beautiful riding weather as they rode mostly Harley-Davidson motorcycles visiting famous lighthouses and other attractions. pictures
Brad Wilmarth, Starting from Kitty Hawk, Wins Cannonball
Run Cross Country Motorcycle Race Riding 1913 Excelsior
1.Bradford P. Wilmarth (1913 Excelsior).....
2.Alan Travis (1914 Excelsior)...................
3.Rick McMaken (1915 Harley-Davidson)...
4.Fred Lange (1915 Harley-Davidson........)
5.Wayne Stanfield (1915 Harley-Davidson)
6.Steve Huntzinger (1915 Excelsior).........
7.David Kleptz (1915 Harley-Davidson)....
8.Mike Madden (1915 Harley-Davidson)...
9.David Fusiak (1915 Harley-Davidson)...
10.Stephen Barber (1915 Harley-Davidson)
See more on Cannonball Run
Cannonball Endurance Racers receive their final instructions before leaving the Wright Memorial National Park in Kill Devils Hills at 10 am Friday Morning, Sept. 10, 2010 on their long trek to Santa Monica, California. Racers, some from as faraway as Germany, have 17 days to complete their journey on motorcycles that had to have been manufactured before 1915..More Pictures
Honda Goldwing Crashes in Kill Devil Hills
About 5 PM on Sat Aug 4th, this Honda Goldwing motorcycle was clipped while going through the traffic light at First St and the bypass in Kill Devil Hills. There were no reports of serious injuries as a result of the crash. Pictures submitted by Steven Blankenburg
A Dangerously Delicious Ride through Maryland
Robert C. Gette 38, of Charlotte, N.C Dies While
Motorcycle Racing at Virginia International Raceway
Gette crashed his motorcycle trying to avoid a crash in front of him and as he was getting up another motorcycle driven by a 12 year old racer struck and killed him. The unidentified 12 year old was taken to Duke Hospital with serious injuries.
Manteo High School Graduate Tom Serine
Completes 5,524 Mile Motorcycle Journey
to Newfoundland............Read Full Report
Former Pitt County Deputy Sheriff Accused of
Smoking Marijuana & Public Nudity in Outer
Banks Bar During Biker Party............
A panel of the N.C. Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission say they have evidence that former Pitt County Deputy Sheriff Michelle Pollard smoked marijuana at the Sunset Bar in Kitty Hawk during 2006. In addition, Pollard has been accused of participating in a wet T-shirt contest at the bar and publicly exposing her breasts during that contest and at a biker rodeo on a later date. In response to the accusations, Pollard said she was drugged prior to participating in the wet T-shirt contest and denied the other charges.
Outer Banks Harley-Davidson
HOG Club Officers Fired.........

Letter to Editor
OBX HOG Chapter members, It is with sad hearts that we step down from our positions of Director and Treasurer of the Outer Banks Harley Owner Group, effective April 29, 2009. We have been asked to do so by the Owner and General Manager of Outer Banks Harley Davidson Dealership. We were informed that we have not led the chapter in the right direction and have not been supportive of the dealership nor have we maintained adequate communication. As charter members of the organization we have always felt a strong sense of commitment to the chapter and the dealership. Our time and efforts extended to the chapter for the past eight plus years have not been in vain because we feel good about what we have accomplished with our fellow members. We have made many friends and have sincere pride in having been a part of a group that exemplified family and fun through motorcycles.
We appreciate all the support of the chapter members while we were in our positions. Thank you. Our hope is that the new direction brings happiness to those involved.
Sincerely, John and Betty Jones. See More Letters on Firings
OBX Ride Reports
Touring Hatteras Island
Mention the name Cape Hatteras and most people think of stormy weather. I determined to find out more about the remote island just off the coast of North Carolina. With a map, a few notes gathered from researching on the internet and my old 1981 BMW R100 RS motorcycle, I set out to explore the island on July 11, 2007 in an effort to learn more about the islands history and culture. Read the complete report.
Lake Mattamuskeet Motorcycle Ride
Are you looking for an interesting place to ride your motorcycle on the Outer Banks? This unique route could be the one you don't want to miss! Ride to Lake Mattamuskeet
Roanoke Island by Motorcycle
A good place to begin a motorcycle tour of mysterious Roanoke Island, nestled between the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the US mainland is at the Fort Raleigh National Historical Site, located on the north side of the island.
Special Motorcycle Features
Sturgis Bike Week Virtual Tour
Warning !!!!!!!! Adult Content
Vampire Bikers Uncovered
in North Carolina Mountains
Tom Serine's Cross Country Motorcycle Trip
Manteo High School graduate Tom Serine recently completed a 7,500 ride on his 750 cc Honda Shadow to the western part of the US. The trip from North Carolina to the west coast was planned just so he could experience the thrill of riding his motorcycle along legendary Highway 1, north from San Francisco; a gnarly stretch of two lane asphalt that hugs the Pacific coastline. Read the complete story
Kitty Hawk Collector
Covets German Iron
Brent Hollowell lives in Kitty Hawk and probably has the largest collection of BMW motorcycles and parts of anyone in North Carolina. Brent began his association with BMW motorcycles in the late 70's when he was employed as a motorcycle courier in Washington DC. See the complete story
A Brief History of
Honda Motorcycles
Soichiro Honda began producing motorcycles in Japan about 1946 to satisfy a thirst for cheap transportation in war devastated Japan. Honda began his effort by installing military surplus engines in bicycles. As Honda became more prosperous, he designed his own 50cc engine for the bicycles. The first motorcycle that featured a completely Honda designed motor and frame was produced in 1949. It was called the Model D for Dream. The success of this model was quickly followed by the model J Benly. Read the complete story
Jesse James Flys Car
On The Outer Banks
Jesse James of Monster Garage fame built a special flying car in his monster garage, brought it to the Outer Banks and flew it at the Currituck Airport to honor the Wright Brothers for their first flight. Read story
An Outer Banker's
Fibronucci Chronicles
BMW Riders and Friends Gather on
Outer Banks for Motorcycle Therapy
Motorcycle Adventurer Rides
Through the Outer Banks
Kwinci Lundahl 29, a business major from Las Vegas, Nevada rode her Yamaha Star motorcycle into Kitty Hawk Saturday Afternoon, October 14, 2006 after spending about 40 days on the road from her starting point in New York. A journey that she says is not expected to end for another two years, when she expects to reach her destination in California.. See complete story.
Origins of BMW Motorcycles
Vincent Black Shadow
Manteo High School Graduate Tom Serine
Completes 2009 Western Motorcycle Tour
Manteo High School Graduate Tom Serine
Completes 12,575 Mile Motorcycle Journey
My first act of preparation was to purchase the book Alaska by Motorcycle by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, a well known motorcyclist adventurer who has motorcycled around the world 5 times. He provided some excellent details on the road conditions from Canada and Alaska and recommendations on what to bring, road hazards, wildlife, and roads to travel. I am the proud owner of a 2002 Honda Shadow 750 which unfortunately was not on the list of recommended bikes . Who would have guessed? The list of candidates consisted mostly of dual sports including the Kawasaki KLR 650 and the BMW GS. Well, I didn’t really want to drop quarter of a mortgage on a new motorcycle (maybe next time BMW). The KLR 650 looked like the right bike. It had a reputation to be very tough and dependable, however, I was concerned about how such an off road bike would ride on the interstate. So, I decided to stick it out with my trusty 750(fingers crossed once again).Read the full report
Comments and Thoughts
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